Draw Something for Facebook Messenger

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The legendary Draw Something, now for Facebook Messenger


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Draw Something for Facebook Messenger is the usual Draw Something, only especially adapted for Facebook Messenger. This means you can make a drawing and then send it to any of your Facebook friends in just seconds. Of course, your friends also need to have the app installed to respond, although they can see your drawing without installing anything.

Draw Something for Facebook Messenger's system is one almost all players already know. One player draws the word suggested by the game, while the other guesses which word it is. While drawing, players can change the thickness and color of their brush or use an eraser.

In this version of the game you can try to guess some of the words drawn by other players. This way, you can earn coins 'easily.' Of course, the most entertaining thing is to send your drawings to your friends and get challenged by them in return.

Draw Something for Facebook Messenger is a new version of the classic game that manages to keep you hooked thanks to its simplicity and fun. Plus, the fact that it's now integrated with Facebook makes it much more convenient.

You need to have Facebook Messenger installed to play.


Requires Android 4.4 or higher